Everybody makes mistakes! I look back at some old pictures of myself and I cringe so badly. Even celebrities are often photographed on the red carpet with makeup mishaps. It happens to everybody, So here are some common mistake you should avoid.

makeup mistake

1. Not Using Primer-  Eye primer and face primer not only make your makeup last longer, but they provide a smooth, receptive canvas for other products. You can use less foundation and get a better coverage. And they prevent color migration.

not using primer

2. Concealer before Foundation-  Start with your foundation and spread it evenly. It gives some coverage and evens out things. Then add just enough concealer and blend it into your foundation. The result is more natural looking and far less likely to look caked.

conclr befor foundation

3. Too Dark Foundation-  Next time you’re at your favorite counter ask for a sample of a foundation that’s one shade lighter than what you’re wearing. Test it under normal conditions. Chances are you’re not as dark as you thought.

dark foundation

4. Unprepared skin before Foundation-  Moisturized skin is the best base for foundation. Foundation will only emphasize dry skin. The smoother your skin, the smoother the makeup application. If your skin is naturally dry, go for a foundation with a hydrating formula and stay away from powder and matte foundations.

unprepared skin

5. Using an under eye concealer that’s too light-  Using a concealer that’s too light will only make the under eye area appear ashy. It doesn’t cover up the dark circles at all. A good concealer goes a long way. Under eye concealer would be light weight.

light eye concealer

6. Too much powder-  Go easy with the powder. You rather gradually built it up than apply too much at a time. The most natural way to apply powder is to apply it in an A-Shape (from forehead down the sides of the nose into the jaw line and above the lip area). It eliminates shine but keeps the skin looking fresh and dewy.

too much powder

7. Over illuminating the Skin-  They’re fantastic for giving the skin the illusion of glows radiant skin but go easy on it or you will look like a human grease ball. For subtle highlighting, concentrate the highlight on the outer Cs of your eyes (temples and cheekbones) and it will go a long way to give you a healthy beautiful glow. Avoid anything too shimmers (has chunky glitter). If your skin is warm toned or tan, use a gold undertone illuminator.

over illuminating

8. Harsh Eyeliner -  I’m not sure why I used to do this but I used to wear heavy black eyeliner rimmed around my eyes for everyday. The harsh black just totally swallowed up my eyes making them appear smaller. Brown is much softer on the lower lash line and looks ‘friendlier’.

harsh eye liner

9. Lipstick on teeth-  Avoid getting lipstick on your teeth by doing the Finger trick after your lip color application. Place your index finger between your lips (as if you’re sucking on a Popsicle) and drag your finger out. This removes the excess lipstick / lip-gloss.
lipstick on teeth
10. Lipstick on dry chapped lips-  If your lips are dry, do NOT wear lipstick because it will only emphasize the dryness. Exfoliate chapped lips with a toothbrush to remove the dead skin and apply lip balm to soothe the lips. Once your lips are prepped, go for a tinted lip balm or a lipstick with a hydrating formula.

dry chapd lip

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