How To Apply Perfect Party Makeup…!!!

Ready to dazzle..??? Keep your party makeup intact,here are some simple steps to put on perfect party make up and Flaunt of your style…!!!



  • Freshly washed face – Start with cleaning your face properly so that dead cell and dirt will come out. Wash your face with any type of scrub using lukewarm water. Now apply a face toner using a cotton pad that has been soaked in warm water and swipe it over your face.

washing face

  • Moisturizer – Moisturize your face with a good moisturizer, apply it smoothly on your face and then wait for 5 minutes so that it should settle properly on your face.


  • Concealer – Apply Concealer that is one tone lighter than your foundation, below your eyes and the other discolored spots. Mashed it properly using sponge or your fingers.

conclr eyes

  • Foundation – Apply foundation that exactly matches to your skin tone, apply it on or face evenly with the help of sponge or fingers. You can also apply foundation mixed with your cream in equal proportion, only if you don’t want to apply foundation really.

foundation fc

  • Pressed Powder – Use loose or pressed powder to keep foundation and Concealer on longer, apply it using brush. And spread it properly on your face. For this Pat the brush into the powder then pet it onto the tissue paper so that extra powder will fall down. Apply a bronzer to your skin, chin and chicks.

pressed powder

  • Blush – Apply small amount of blush to the appeals of your chicks. Smile so that you can see apple of your chicks so that you can apply it perfectly. Try to apply it outward then moving to your chin and blend it evenly on your face.

blush face

  • Eyebrows – Highlight your highbrows to look more beautiful. For this use eye brow filler, take black color eye brow filler or try to buy exactly same color that is of your eyebrow. Or you can use powdered eye brow shadow.


  • Eye shadow – Put on the eye shadow. Choose 3 colors of eye shadow, light, medium and dark. The lighter color is for the lid medium is for the middle area and darker color is for the crease on the lid. Apply the lighter color to the lid, spreading upwards to near the crease. Then apply medium above it and in the end apply darker color, using your eye shadow brush apply inside the crease of the eye. You can find the crease by looking straight ahead. Blend the color toward the outer corner of your eye. Make sure to use the larger eye shadow brush to blend all the colors.


  • Line your eyes – Use liquid eye liner or eyeliner pencil. If you are not expert with liquid one then always go for an eyeliner pencil. Line it with a brown or soft black liner. For a more appealing look, apply liner with very light strokes to the upper lid, stroking toward the outer corner of the eye. Do not pull on your eye while applying eyeliner.

eyelnr eye

  • Curl – For highlighting your eyes more, curl your lashes with curler hold it for at least 15 seconds. Always take care while using curler.

curl lashes

  • Mascara – After curling your lashes, apply preferably black or brown mascara on it, and leave it for 2 minutes. Apply it starting from root of the lashes and going upwards. Always put mascara on both lashes upper and lower. If you have short lashes use mascara that will add length; if you have thin lashes, use voluminous mascara. Never pump your mascara brush in and out of the mascara. Do both eyes with two coats, then let dry.


  • Base- if you want that your lipstick should stay longer then before applying anything. Take foundation in your hand and apply little bit on your lips and spread it evenly on your lips. Don’t put too much of foundation it will look bad. After this apply any of your lip balm.


  • Liner- Line around the natural line of your lips. After applying your lip pencil to your lip line, rub your lips together so the lip pencil color spreads inside your lips.

line lips

  • Lipstick – Now apply a lipstick that will perfectly go with your skin tone and clothes. If your emphasizing on your eyes then don’t put dark lip color, always highlight one of your part either eyes or lips. Always try to apply lipstick with brush as it will spread it evenly. Then blot your freshly painted lips lightly with a tissue. This will make it last longer.
  • Gloss- Now finally ends up your makeup by applying lip gloss.


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